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Ministry of Cultural Affairs Job Circular 2019

Ministry of Cultural Affairs Job Circular 2019 will helpful to unemployed people. Get www.jobcircular.info to know about Ministry of culture or ministry of cultural affairs job circular 2019. Besides, you can get all type of government job from here. If you are suffering from unemployment, submit your application without any delay. In Bangladesh has huge job seeker. The official website of cultural affairs that is www.moca.gov.bd. It is one of the biggest parts of the Bangladesh government. Job Candidates will be selected for the recruitment test.

In this case, Ministry of Cultural Affairs Job Circular 2019 is one of the major opportunity for the Bangladeshi people. No person can apply outside the age-limit mentioned in the notice. Dr. Bangla Academy was the first person to establish an organization of the organization Muhammad Shahidullah first started. Bengali Academy is an important part of Cultural Affairs Ministry. The Bangla Academy, an autonomous organization under the Ministry of Culture of Bangladesh, is an autonomous organization. According to the National Salary Scale, the allowance will pay.

Ministry of Culture will appoint manpower in a transparent process. In this case, you have to know about the appointment test. You have to study accordingly. Not everyone gets the chance in this jobs exam. Because large numbers of people are still unemployed without getting a job. It is an important ministry of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Overall, it is the most important job’s circular for unemployed people. You can not apply if you are older than mentioned in the notification. From the Ministry of Public Administration website and the Bangladesh Public and Crafts Industry’s website, can collect the application form.

Ministry of Cultural Affairs Job Circular

Ministry of Cultural Affairs Job Circular

Deadline: 07 February 2019


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Ministry of Cultural Affairs Job Circular 2019 is a great opportunity for unemployed people. Because the Ministry of Culture will appoint manpower in an attractive pay scale. Pay order/bank draft will be done through the bank. All necessary papers will collect on the first day of the initial interview. No allowance will provide for written and viva examination. Candidate must post the application form by mail. If you join the job by hiding the actual information, then the law will take place.

Ministry of Cultural Affairs Job Circular 2019

This organization works with the aim of creating and implementing various cultural – related rules and regulations for the protection of domestic traditions as well as for the development of archaeology, architecture, sculpture, libraries, and development of Bengali language, the promotion of cultural environment, and cultural production. Ministry of Cultural Affairs has made the important contribution to protecting Bengali culture.

The Bangla Academy is managed through 4 divisions. From the Bangla Academy till January 2013, a total of 4965 books and magazines have been published. It includes literary, poetry, common dictionary, terminology, various writers-poetry writings, literature research, literary criticism, philosophy, history, geography, mathematics, science, journalism, language movement, liberation war of Bangladesh, child-adolescent literature, translation, Books of religion, culture, biography etc.

Jobs is an introduction to a person. Jobs for a person is a big issue because the person executes the job through the job. Bangla Academy’s first publication, Bangla Academy Magazine, was first published in January 1957. It was first published in 1973. The magazine, which started as a monthly magazine for ten years, changed from 1983 to the quarter, and the magazine gradually became irregular. As a monthly from July 2009, it is regularly published every month. Hopefully, you got some valuable information. Thank’s a lot to read this article. Keep in Touch. Good luck!

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