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Department Youth Development Training Notice 2018

Department Youth Development Training Notice 2018 – See all information about Youth Development Department’s training here. Visit www.jobcircular.info without delay. This is good news for unemployed young people. As well as, Training will be given to creating jobs for the people. Training will be given to creating jobs for the people. In fact, everyone is looking forward to the job. Moreover, The willing young people and young people are invited to apply. Detailed information on the trade name, course fee, educational qualification, training allowance, interview date is given below.

Equally important, To be interviewed, you have to appear in the respective district or Upazila. These courses are very effective and important. These courses range from 1 month to 3 months. There are youth training centers in every district of Bangladesh. Perils of specific districts can apply to all trades. A large number of candidates will be able to participate in all the centers. The application should be submitted within the specified trade period. Interested young people must be unemployed. However, for the members of the genuine freedom fighters, the age limit is relaxed.

Not to mention, Candidates nominated from youth organizations will be given preference. The written application will be accepted in self-interest. Must be mentioned about the training received on the application form. If you are a member of the organization, you must write the name of the organization. The reasons for receiving training should be mentioned. Besides, the future plan must be mentioned. Moreover, The prescribed application form will be available from the Youth Development Department’s website. Besides, you can get a free application form the Office of the Youth Development Officer.

Department Youth Development Training Notice 2018

Department Youth Development Training Notice

03 December 2018

Download Application Form

Department Youth Development Training Notice 2018

Application Website

In addition, Free to collect from the Office of the Youth Development Officer. There are good arrangements for submitting application forms for those who are far away. Two copies of all educational qualifications certificate, national identity card and birth registration certificate along with the application form. There will be a presence in front of the electoral board at the scheduled time for the meeting. The decision of the board of directors will be respected for the admission. Every student has to follow the rules and regulations of the center. All students will be present in the training center at the time. After training, be engaged in self-employment.

As a matter of fact, There are countless unemployed youths in Bangladesh who are countless. Most of them are not getting jobs according to the eligibility. Thinking about these, the government of Bangladesh has established a youth development center in every district and Upazila. It is unimaginable to hire everyone. There is no alternative to creating entrepreneurs in this field. Do not look for the job of the mercenaries and should give attention to self-employment. This will create jobs in the field. Today the biggest problem of Bangladesh is unemployment. So, we should overcome it. In this case, public awareness is also important. To get better information, you can visit the official website of youth development that is www.dyd.gov.bd.

In the end, make the mentality of the job. Establish yourself through self-employment. Training from youth development can be done independently. If you are a permanent citizen of Bangladesh, you can apply as per qualification. You can apply for any trade. Equally, To take the course, take part in the admission exam. Because the number of seats in each Youth Development Center is limited. This training process is making important contributions to reducing unemployment. In fact, There is no substitute for self-employment in the competitive job market. Department Youth Development Training Notice 2018 is essential to us.

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